The choice is clear

“…do we really want a mayor who will not discuss his “concerns and intentions in the press” relating to his positions and actions, especially one who makes “transparency” a central point of his campaign?”

Jeff Levine asks this question in his October 2018 editorial column for Pompano! magazine. You can read the full column in the October 2018 issue.

To answer the question, no, Mr. Levine, we do not.

We do not want a mayor who, as Mr. Levine notes, “looks to tear things apart but doesn’t offer solutions.” Given the divisive and inflammatory environment that District 1 Commissioner Sobel brought to what had been a highly functioning, effective, collaborative dais, it’s not surprising that several of Mr. Levine’s sources chose to remain anonymous. Instead of a spirit of cooperation and progress, we’ve witnessed a new culture of fear. What a shame.

What Kind of Mayor Do We Want?

Do we want a mayor who, in an apparent attempt at retribution, removed a District 1 resident (who also happens to be a journalist) from his email list? No, we do not. That resident, Jeff Levine, has the same right to know what’s happening in his district as any other resident. Commissioner Sobel apparently disagrees.

Here’s what we do want:

  • We want a mayor who understands that every one of us has a stake in the future of our city and, as Rex Hardin correctly observes, “We are neighbors and we will continue to see each other after November 6.”
  • We want a mayor who, as Mr. Levine notes, is a consensus-builder who is “well-positioned to understand…the city.”
  • We want a mayor who will not remove people from emails regarding important news about our city.

The title of Jeff Levine’s column, “Hardin Best Choice to Lead Pompano”, says it best.

Pages 30 & 32 reproduced from Pompano! magazine

Pages 30 & 32 reproduced from Pompano! magazine. Click here to view the editorial.