Recently, you may have heard the word “demagogue” mentioned in the mayoral race

What exactly is a demagogue?

Here’s a brief refresher: Merriam-Webster defines “demagogue” as “a leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power.” lists many synonyms; here are just a few:

  • Agitator
  • Inciter
  • Soapbox Orator

Sadly, it also lists the word “politician.”

We at Citizens for a Better Pompano Beach hold the sincere belief that demagoguery has no place in politics. Indeed, our city has done such an incredible job of reversing our decades-long decline. All of us are working hard to ensure that come November, we will elect representatives who will continue our breathtaking renaissance. Agitation and grandstanding have no place in a civil society; our progress is best assured with leadership that embraces courtesy and hope for all our residents.

There Are No Magicians

According to Otis White of Civic Strategies, “Demagogues tell people that powerful forces are preventing them from getting unrealistic rewards, but electing them will put everything right.” Hmmm…sounds like “There Are No Magicians on the Ballot.”

In addition, Mr. White goes on to say that demagogues may talk about “… imagined conspiracies holding back the city” (see “The Mystery of the Missing Signs” for more on this).

Here’s what we, an all-volunteer organization, believe:

  • We cannot allow ourselves to be governed by fear
  • We cannot allow ourselves to be governed by agitation
  • We cannot allow ourselves to remain silent

On remaining silent: Otis White also notes that “when good leaders do good but difficult things and their supporters remain silent…demagogues take over.”

This is why it’s critically important for you to make your voice heard. We ask that you join us in our quest to ensure that our city leadership is comprised of people who will lead us forward – not through fear and innuendo, but through hard work, constructive conversation, and a shining belief in the goodness of our city and the bright future for all of us who live, work and play in Pompano Beach.