Hi, and welcome to Citizens for a Better Pompano Beach!

“Our Mission” page is where you can find all the details on what we’re about, but here’s the quick overview:

We will support candidates who will continue our city’s renaissance, and who will do so with honesty, integrity, civility and hope. The members of Citizens for a Better Pompano Beach (“CBPB”) are residents, volunteers, property owners, business owners, past city commissioners, economic council chairs, developers, and others who are excited about our city’s future.

Our Executive Committee is made up of people you probably recognize, and maybe a few that you don’t. From volunteers like Jack Rogerson, who’s served on the East CRA Advisory Committee since 2004 and has been its Chair for the past 11 years, to Woody Poitier, former City Commissioner and business owner, all of us came together for one reason: to ensure the continued progress and prosperity of our city.

If you’re excited about all the great things our city has to offer, and want to see that continue, please join us. We welcome donations on our “Donate!” page, and you can join our efforts in many other ways, such as attending city meetings, networking, and many other grassroots efforts under way. Feel free to call us or visit our “Contact Us” page to get in touch.

We’re excited about our city’s future, and look forward to hearing from you!