With the start of election season in Pompano Beach, a mysterious Twitter handle emerged

by Whitney Rawls

With the start of election season in Pompano Beach, a mysterious Twitter handle emerged, accompanied by a corresponding Facebook page. Who or what was it? It was dubbed “Truth Seekers of Pompano Beach.”

Aside from the name implying that Pompano Beach has a lack of truth, the content put out by these “Truth Seekers” is often anything but; instead, it’s mostly misleading and untrue commentary from someone clearly with an axe to grind. They sprinkle a little of what you may read or see in the news and dress it up with their own personal version of facts. The social media pages are run by a supporter and paid political friends of Mike Sobel, candidate for Mayor of Pompano Beach.

Who is it?

To me, it certainly seemed like none other than Angela Ott Hill, known supporter of Mike Sobel who gave up her chances of running for the District 1 commission seat in 2016 when urged by Mike Sobel to exit the race. Since then, Hill and her husband have become very close with Sobel. At first glance, it appears that as commissioner, Sobel’s reward for their friendship was appointing Angela to the Community Development Advisory Committee and appointing her husband to the Planning and Zoning Board. Take a deeper look and you’ll find that the Hills are deeply entrenched in the Sobel campaign. The Hills own a software company that is being paid by the Sobel campaign for IT related services. Can you guess what that may be? All of the vitriol against people from our city, the accusations of pay to play, and the tone of the post from Truth Seekers is inline with the messaging that Hill has been spouting in support of Sobel.

Note that the Hills deny involvement with the Truth Seekers group. I received a call from Tony Hill, who denies involvement with Truth Seekers. Angela has sent multiple messages claiming she’s not involved as well. As I’ve said to Tony Hill, if that is the case, why do they continue to spread sparks of rumors and allegations that are unsubstantiated and that smear the reputations of people who are doing their best to live quality lives and fight for what they believe? Perhaps they are not formally involved, but it’s certainly clear that the Sobel campaign, the Hills, and the Truth Seekers are all singing out of the same hymn book. This election should be about what’s best for Pompano Beach, based on the facts. Not about vicious slander.

Here’s a good place to start “following the money”

It’s interesting that Sobel and the Hills have concocted the untrue conspiracy of “pay for play” in Pompano Beach when they themselves are so intertwined in it themselves. If you really want to “follow the money,” here’s a good place to start.

So, you would have to wonder what “truth” the Truth Seekers is really all about. Is it their own truth, manufactured by the Hills and the Sobel campaign to rattle enough cages and cause just enough misguided speculation about all of the good things that have been happening in Pompano Beach? Surely it can’t be the real truth that the Hills and Sobel are joined together at the hip. And, instead of trusting  Pompano Beach voters to decide for themselves the direction of our city, they’d rather spread malicious lies, rumors and other defamatory statements about Pompano Beach, its residents, its businesses, and its progress.

Voters deserve the whole story

It’s interesting how those who claim to spread the truth only like to point out what could be wrong with someone else. Both the Hills and Sobel should look within and stop their self-righteous politics. Give voters honest and accurate information. Present the whole story and not just the part you choose to believe or agree with.

There’s only one hill that I trust, and that’s the hill from whence cometh my help. No one is above reproach, and there’s one thing I know for sure – truth and light is not found at Truth Seekers Pompano Beach.