Citizens for a Better Pompano Beach on the Sun Sentinel Endorsements for Pompano Beach City Commission – 2020


Below is a link to the Sun Sentinel endorsements for Pompano Beach Commission in the November 2020 election; scroll down to find the Pompano Beach endorsements.

Spoiler alert!: The Sun Sentinel editors endorse the same candidates as Citizens for a Better Pompano Beach in 5 of the 6 city races:

If you click on the article endorsing Rhonda Eaton in District 2, at the end of that article you will see the following remarkable dismissal by the Sun Sentinel’s editors not only of Commissioner Eaton’s opponent, Tom Terwilliger, but also of the entire platform of the Citizens for Good Government PAC which Mr. Terwilliger founded. As noted in the Sun Sentinel endorsements:

“A semi-retired investment banker, Terwilliger is a financial backer of the political action committee, Citizens for Good Government, which endorsed a slate of candidates for all six city commission seats under the banner “Unite Pompano.” Its platform consists of opposition to spending and growth.

Criticism of the current administration shows a lack of vision and too little preparation to manage the sixth-largest city in Broward.”

This is quite a turnaround for the Sun Sentinel on Pompano Beach! In the 2018 city elections, the newspaper endorsed the opponents of most of the candidates they are supporting this time around. We are very happy that the Sun Sentinel – and the rest of Broward County for that matter! – are beginning to recognize all the good things that are happening in Pompano Beach!

Please see here the ad that our Committee would have published in the New Pelican on Friday, Sept 25 if the paper had been able to accommodate our (late-breaking) request.

And here is our list of candidate endorsements with a short paragraph on each candidate explaining our thinking.

We at CBPB hope everyone is safe and getting ready to vote. If you have requested a mail-in ballot, it should arrive any time between now and October 1.

Once again, we urge residents of Pompano Beach who like the progress our city has made in recent years to help ‘Keep It Going’ by casting your vote in the November 3 election for:

Rex Hardin – Mayor

Andrea McGee – Commissioner District 1

Rhonda Eaton – Commissioner District 2

Tom McMahon – Commissioner District 3

Carmen Jones – (for) Commissioner District 4

Barry Moss – Commissioner District 5

Citizens for a Better Pompano Beach is working hard to keep our city moving in the right direction! We appreciate any and all donations from like-minded citizens who wish to help!