Citizens for a Better Pompano Beach Endorses District 3 Commissioner Rex Hardin for Pompano Beach Mayor

Pompano Beach, FL (September 26, 2018)

Citizens for a Better Pompano Beach has endorsed District 3 Commissioner Rex Hardin for Pompano Beach Mayor in the upcoming November 6, 2018, election. Pompano Beach is in the middle of a real renaissance, and Rex Hardin wants to keep it going.

Rex has been an advocate and proven leader from the beginning. As a city commissioner, he helped steer dozens of projects including the revitalized beach, new parking garage and pier, new libraries, new fire stations, improved East Atlantic Blvd. and Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd, restoration of old Pompano, creation of cultural arts facilities, public art projects and much more. He supported the voter-approved “GO bonds” financing for future improvements throughout our city for public safety, streets, and parks and recreation. He voted to give our local businesses a leg up when bidding for city goods and services.

Rex has been a longstanding champion for our children, our safety and our future, unlike his opponent, attorney and District 1 Commissioner Michael Sobel. During Commissioner Sobel’s two years in office, he voted “no” on nearly all initiatives that would ensure the city’s continued success. For example, he voted against giving residents the right to vote on the GO Bond financing, and then advocated unsuccessfully for the city to spend $3 million on yet another homeless shelter. Sobel even voted against giving local businesses the edge over outsiders when bidding for city contracts. Sobel voted “no” on every funding vote for the new pier, and he pushed to hire a different contractor than the one the city selected to build the pier. In August, Sobel’s choice was charged in Federal Court with felony fraud in connection with a U.S. Coast Guard project.

The mayoral position is critical to the continued renaissance of Pompano Beach. In the words of Woody Poitier, Executive Committee member and highly regarded former District 4 City Commissioner, “I have seen tremendous amounts of progress over the past 10-12 years in our great city. As Mayor, Rex Hardin will ensure that we continue to move forward by embracing smart growth principles, providing opportunities for our young people, and continuing the incredible success of our city.”
For Pompano Beach mayor, Citizens for a Better Pompano Beach recommends a VOTE for REX HARDIN.

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