Our Position on the
Atlantic Blvd/Dixie Hwy Streetscape Project

 We are optimistic about the revised plan



At the June 28, 2022 City Commission meeting, the Commissioners voted unanimously to approve a set of modifications to the Atlantic and Dixie corridor. These modifications are designed to create a safer, more walkable area and set the stage for the complete renaissance of what was once Pompano’s signature downtown.

The approved plan is vastly different from the original “cones” test that, quite frankly, all of us suffered through several months ago.

Those of us on the Committee live and work here too, and none of us were happy with the initial “cone” tests. Traffic was a nightmare, trips of less than a mile took forever, and tempers flared.

Now that the modifications have been approved, as a Committee we are relieved that the days of the “cones tests” are behind us.

In our opinion, the City has adequately balanced the competing desires for safety/walkability with a fairly minimal impact on commute time.

We are mostly pleased with the final modifications to Atlantic and Dixie, which are projected to have a minimal impact on travel times as follows:

  • No increase of time to the eastbound commute
  • Adds approximately two minutes westbound during rush hour
  • Adds approximately 30 seconds westbound at other times

In the end, we believe that, no matter the inconveniences of the past several months, this is a plan that will benefit existing Pompano Beach residents and businesses, and serve as a beacon for future generations.

NOTE: For ongoing updates to this project, see the City update page here.