A Strange Twist of Politics Over People

In a strange twist of politics over people, Commissioner Mike Sobel not only flipped his position on redeveloping the Pompano Pier but he also wanted to shut down Pompano’s Municipal Golf Course, including the recently redesigned and renovated Greg Norman Signature Pines Course, to fund the pier project.

While Sobel likes to claim credit for the pier project’s success, he voted against funding the project on several occasions, including putting the G.O. Bond initiative on the ballot to allow the citizens of Pompano Beach to decide.

Who does Mike Sobel work for: himself or the people of Pompano Beach? The people of Pompano Beach enjoy the municpal golf course and for years, our families have enjoyed visiting the Pompano Pier. With Mike Sobel as Mayor, these amenities would cease to exist.

If you’re a golfer, or just love our golf course, better vote for Rex. If you like to fish, or just love our Pompano Pier and you’re excited to see it completed, better vote for Rex, especially since his main opponent strongly recommends shutting down the golf course and not funding the pier’s redevelopment.