Here are five ways you can help Pompano Beach keep moving forward:

You may have noticed a section on our site’s “Contact” page. It says “I’d like to help by…”

Listed below this are five ways you can help. Here’s a little more information about each of these:

  1. Working at the polls – when Early Voting begins (around 10/22; as of this writing, the Broward Supervisor of Elections hasn’t yet published the exact date), volunteers will be needed at the polling places. Every little bit helps here – whether you can give just an hour of your time, or a full shift, we’d love to have you! We’ll also need volunteers on Election Day itself: Tuesday, November 6. We’ll provide you with everything you’ll need.
  2. Walking door to door – we’ll be scheduling some neighborhood walks, probably on weekend afternoons and early evenings.
  3. Calling voters – as we get closer to the election, we’ll be making calls to voters to ensure that we get out the vote.
  4. Writing letters – writing a letter to the editor of the newspaper is a great way to make your voice heard! Please see our post on how to contact each local newspaper.
  5. Speaking at meetings – it’s so important for our Commission to hear from as many citizens as possible. Often, the Commission only hears from one side of our residents. If you’d like more information about speaking at a Commission meeting, please let us know. We’ll take you through everything you need to know, and it’s easier than you may think!

We Need Team Captains, Too!

There’s one more way you can volunteer, and that’s by being a team captain for any of the above activities. If you’d like to be a team captain, please get in touch.

There you have it – five (ok, six!) easy ways to help us make sure that we keep it going.